Street murals that move when water is added to the paint Then, come alive when it rains

Rainy days are gloomy and depressing. Although few people enjoy the rain, most of us prefer bright sunny days. People in Seoul, South Korea, on the other hand, are looking forward to the monsoon season. This is because when it rains, the streets of Seoul transform into massive works of art. When water droplets come into contact with the road's surface, colorful, vibrant paintings appear. Is this some magic? It has nothing to do with magic. Pantone came up with the idea of bringing color to Seoul's somber streets during the rainy season. The company from the United States collaborates with designers from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to create water-activated street murals. This is how Project Monsoon got its start.

The creative team uses hydrochloric paint to paint colorful paintings of fish and turtles on the streets of Seoul. This special paint is used in the same way as regular paint. It employs a unique formula that allows the paint to transition from transparent to opaque when wet. When it dries, it returns to being transparent. The artists' goal is to represent East Asian culture, which focuses on the graceful flow, which they accomplished by transforming the drab streets into azure rivers teeming with fish and turtles. These vibrant paintings, however, would only appear when it rained.

Water Activated

These water-activated street murals will undoubtedly add colour to the streets during the monsoon season. People will no longer stay indoors on rainy days. Instead, they'll be crowding the streets to see the fascinating paintings come to life. Project Monsoon is currently in Seoul, and we can only hope that it will eventually make its way to our city. The rainy season will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms in Seoul. Hopefully, every city in the world will be able to do the same.

Source - SAIC / Pantone

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