This huge humpback whale broke through the water while people were watching

Whale watching is one of the most amazing things to do because whales are such beautiful animals that live in the ocean. The whales often put on quite a show to amaze the people watching, and sometimes, they even make them silent. Whale Watchers Sydney didn't expect to have such a fantastic experience with a humpback whale when they planned their tour. People were amazed when the humpback whale breached just a few meters from the boat.

That day's rough weather was good for them because whales break out of the water when the weather is terrible. While other species also do breaching, humpback whales do it a lot. No one knows the real reason why whales break out.

But some people think it's to talk, attract other whales, or scare off males. Whales only breach a few times a year, but these people watching were lucky enough to see a show that went on for almost two hours. 

From what I could tell, the young whale was eager to show off to the tourists. The guy from Whale Watchers Sydney said, "We may get a breach on 30–40% of all trips, but to see 90 minutes straight is pretty amazing." 

Even though humpbacks are enormous, they are not the most giant whales in their family. They are only half as big as blue whales. They can get up to 18 meters long and 40 tons heavy. 

People had a lot to say about the videos that were shared online, and they also loved the show. Mary Miller said, "Absolutely incredible? What wonderful memories to share this experience with this wonder of the sea." Just picture how exciting it would be to see a whale break only a few feet away. 

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