A woman stopped a sable from being someone's coat and decided to keep her because she was not wild enough to live alone.

When Zhenya saw an online picture of a wild sable, she immediately fell in love with it. After that, she became interested in learning more about sables. Sables are said to have one of the most expensive furs in the world, smooth fur. They have fur that ranges in color from beige to black.

The need for sable fur is growing in Russia, and about 70 farms kill these animals to get their fur for making bedspreads. Zhenya quickly discovered this was also what happened to the sable in the picture she had found online. The poor animal was going to be killed in cold blood so that it could be used by someone else.

It didn't take Zhenya long to decide what she needed to do to help save the animals. In any way she could, she wanted to help the poor animal. After looking into this issue more, it was found that she could buy the sable from that fur farm, which is precisely what this person did.

She could save the sable from certain death. "She would have died there, so I chose to save the little guy," Zhenya said. The person and her sable pet are now living together happily. But at first, it wasn't easy for the person to bond with the sable because Umora was a brutal animal.

Being a resident of the fur farm and seeing all the horrible deaths happen around her had a significant effect on her and made her very emotional and crazy. Umora is also intelligent, busy, funny, playful, and likes to steal things. Zhenya says that caring for a sable as a pet takes work. "One has to go through a lot before they can start living comfortably,"

Because it takes years for a sable to open up and get used to a new place fully, patience and time are very important. As for Zhenya, all of her hard work has finally paid off because she and Umora are now very close. Look at the pictures of the two because they will make your heart happy.

More Info & Images Credit - russian_sable

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