Cutest Moment While their mother goes hunting for dinner, and the bear cubs hold hands.

Most people only see wild animals as dangerous and dangerous, but sometimes you can see something lovely. And these two bear cubs walking together is a sight to see. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to get some fantastic shots.

The Californian photographer, who is 62 years old, was in Lake Clark National Park when he saw the cute scene. Two bear cubs held hands as they watched their mother try to get food. "Earlier this month, I was leading a photography tour around Lake Clark in Alaska when I saw a mom bear and her two babies waiting for her to return with food," Lewis said. "I was about 20 feet away from the two cubs. Bears in the area are used to people, so they didn't care that I was there."

Even though they were waiting impatiently for fish at dinner, their mom came back with nothing. "For about 20 seconds, the two bears held hands," the photographer said. "They hoped their mother would bring them dinner, but she returned without any fish." Wildlife experts say that bears are only 10% successful when they hunt.

Even though most bears like to eat fish, most of their food comes from plants. "Bears like fish, but most of them are omnivores and eat mostly plants and a lot of grass," Lewis said.

But the two cubs are not the only animals caught on camera holding hands. A couple saw two penguins with flippers up on a South African beach a few years ago. Back then, the sweet Moment spread quickly on social media, winning the hearts of millions of people. Take a look!

h/t : MailOnline
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