The Beauty Of A Baby Deer Whose Mother Turned It Down

When you are different from other people, they may not like you. This happened to our story's hero, whose mom turned him away because he was different.

Dragon, or this sweet baby, was born on a farm in Michigan called Deer Tracks junction. His mother didn't want him because he was a piebald. Only some parts of his body were coloured, making him look very different from others. Only 1% of deer are born with this condition, and because their immune systems are so weak, it is tough for them to stay alive. Also, because they are white, they are easy for predators to catch, so even if this kind of deer is born, it dies quickly for several reasons.

More Info & Images Credit - Deer Tracks Junction

But Dragon was lucky to be born in this deer park because when his mother didn't want him, other people took him in.

The farm's owner, Hilary Powell, said that her almost-19-year-old son named him Dragon because he knew he would have to be tough to survive. "There are many health risks that come with being a piebald, and a whitetail deer will instinctively throw away any babies that don't have a good chance of making it. He can't hide because of the white, and he can't hear or see as well as a regular deer, so he can't hear or see predators coming.

But this beautiful baby deer died after a year of severe health problems. Powell posted this on Facebook:

"Well, I never wanted to make this kind of change. Our little Dragon died despite all the medical help we could get. It's been hard here, and everyone will miss him very much."

Even though this pretty baby is no longer there, we are sure that he left enough memories for his human lovers, and we also have pictures of this one. So, if you like his paintings, share them with people who want animals.
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