A photographer makes a series of pictures of animals that show how funny nature can be

Animals are unique, just like humans. We all try to find a pet that fits us because of this. But besides their personalities, we also care a lot about their appearance. Nature is sometimes so creative that it blows our minds.

Stephanie Gregorian is a photographer. she put together a photo series called "Animals: Pictured" because she was interested in the strange and beautiful things animals do.

Here are some that we like. What is yours?

1. Here, nature skipped the fur colour and concentrated on the universe inside the eyes.

2. My friend sent me this picture with the message, "This reminds me of you."

3. A puppy with a moustache

4. Would you like to have these eyebrows?

5. This kitten has a heart on its nose.

6. Modern girls would be jealous of these eyebrows.

7. This mysterious cat has a great name — Narnia.

8. This calf has a question.

9. This beauty's name is Moon, which suits her.

10. a sporadic colour combo

11. She was born with a perfect paw print on her nose.

12. A kitten wearing a stylish little top hat

13. When you decide to change your hair colour

14. This cat is always surprised — and he's famous in China.

15. Half-blue, half-green

16. When you look a little bit like a rabbit

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