Don't try to hide grey roots. - Visit this hairdresser if you want to be yourself

People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars daily for perfect skin and hair. In doing so, they try to change their looks instead of embracing and enhancing their natural beauty. Grey hair is a beauty problem that most women face these days. Combining grey hair with your natural hair doesn't look very good. So, women always try to change it back to its original colour. 

A hair stylist in California named Jack Martin came up with a great way to deal with grey hair. It all started when a woman went to his hairdresser and asked if there was a way to save money and keep her hair the same colour so she wouldn't have to change it as often. The woman has tried to turn her grey hair brown at home every three to four weeks for a year. 

She was tired of the process and wanted to save the money she was spending on hair products so she could go outside and not worry about her hair. Accepting the challenge, Jack thought of dying her hair silver, which would go well with her grey hair and mean she wouldn't have to go to the spa as often. The product was great, and the woman was happy with it. 

Jack shared a few photos of the change on Instagram. A lot of people looked at the pictures. Jack got a lot of calls from people who wanted to look like the woman, which helped him get more clients.

With the new change, clients no longer had to go to the salon every week but only two or three times a year. Also, the silver colour made almost every client look great. Most of the time, a practice that lasts 10 hours is enough to change one person. First, a colour extractor is used to eliminate any leftover artificial colour. The head is then dyed, which prepares the hair for the silver colour while keeping the grey root.

The next step is to match the new colour to how the grey hair naturally looks. Jack has to look at the original colour of their hair to do this. So, he tells his client to come in with at least three inches long roots. After analyzing the hair, he puts the design on the whole head of the hair. He says that the actual colour of the hair is not just one colour. Some clients, for example, have mostly salt and pepper in the front and a dark colour in the back. So, Jack puts the paint on the hair based on how dark or light the hair is. 

The thing that comes out of this hour-long process is beautiful. Each picture below shows how beautiful, healthy, and different the hair looks after it has been changed. And the clients' happy faces show how much they like how they look now. With his skill, Jack helps his clients see how beautiful they already are. And he helps his clients feel free and confident, often accompanied by a stunning look.

Images Credit - Instagram

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