Dog siblings recognize each other when they see each other on the street.

As people, we all know what it's like to run into someone we know when we go through town. You'll be glad to know that this doesn't just happen to people, but also to animals. Additionally, while they are out for a walk, they come across other animals with whom they share a special bond. In this case, it was the reunion of two brothers who had been split up at birth.

These two cockapoo dogs from the UK were out for a walk in the evening when they went across each other by chance. Someone on Twitter named @libpincher posted pictures of the sweet meeting, which is a sight. The kids were so happy they couldn't help but hug each other in the middle of the road. More than 800,000 people liked the pictures.

When Susan Killip and her husband Lee were out for a walk with their dog Rosie, they ran into David, who was out for a walk with his cockapoo (one-year-old). When the two groups of people ran into each other, and the dogs saw each other, they jumped up and hugged. Both dogs looked alike, so their owners started talking about how they met by chance and discovered that Rosie and Monty were from the same litter. They were adopted by different families, though, so they had to be split up.

It had been ten months since they had last seen each other, but the pictures showed they still remembered each other very well. The two dogs couldn't live without each other when they were puppies. Rosie and Monty were born in Bishop Middleham on June 30, 2019. They were two of six pups in their litter. They were raised by a cockapoo named Millie.

"When we are allowed to go out and meet people again, we are going to meet up, and since it's almost Rosie and Monty's first birthday, hopefully, we can do something to celebrate it together," Susan said when asked if the two dogs would be meeting again. We also hope the siblings can spend more time together and have many play dates.

More Info & Images Credit - libpincher / susan.walls1
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