This amazing photographer captures stunning sunset and orca scenes, and the results are breath-taking.


Orcas are the sea's aggressive and wild animals. They are, however, undeniably beautiful creatures. Their black and white skin contemplates the goldish atmosphere as the sunsets. They create a one-of-a-kind scene by jumping up and down in the splashing water.

This description I made became a reality thanks to the efforts of one photographer. Mary Parkhill photographs killer whales and sunsets, then blends them to create the perfect composition. She manipulates the orcas' anatomy to make them the show's focal point. The photographer captures the shoot as the orcas' noses or tails poke out of the water. The sunsets gracefully, providing a golden backdrop.

In one of her interviews, the photographer stated that Orcas inspire her because of their sheer size. They were crawling in their natural environment and able to astound her. Although Parkhill is based in Pennsylvania, she spends the summer exploring the inspiring landscape in Alaska. Her passion for witnessing the Orca's sensation was transformed into iconic images.

You wouldn't want anything else but one of her photographs on your wall. The sunset photos are beautiful on their own, but they become even more so when combined with Orcas. Now, delight your eyes and soul with the images below.

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