Grandma Poses In Her Wedding Gown With Her Husband For A Photoshoot By Her Granddaughter To Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage

In an age of hook-up culture and worrying divorce rates, it's difficult to believe that "ever after" love exists in reality. However, it's heartening to realize that some couples truly spend most of their lives together– it offers many people hope. Although they are becoming increasingly rare, fairytale love stories exist!

Anna Behning is a wedding photographer passionate about capturing "love." "I'm energized by people who are madly in love with each other," Anna stated. I remember being delighted to capture the couple's love for each other as I photographed my first wedding in December of 2018! "I realized that wedding photography will always be a part of my story."

Anna just decided to photograph her grandparents, who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on January 6, 2022. She shot some lovely images of this beautiful couple's wonderful "love," who have stuck together through thick and thin and are still enjoying each other's company after all this time.

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Melvin and Nancy have been married for 70 years.

"Even though their 70 years together were not picture-perfect, Grandma and Grandpa couldn't live without each other," Anna remarked. Grandpa is obstinate and enjoys teasing, but at heart, he is a teddy bear who adores his children and grandchildren. Grandma is a social butterfly who enjoys entertaining her family as much as possible."

"In the early years of their marriage, when Grandpa was serving in the Korean War, their only means of communication was through letters in the mail," the photographer added. After returning from the war, they established a family and had five children."

When we asked Anna what inspired the notion of reliving their wedding memories, she claimed it wasn't planned. "I brought my camera to my grandparents' house and asked grandma whether she still had her wedding attire." Grandpa then went through their garage storage containers looking for the dress. I asked Grandma if she would model it for us, and she agreed! Then my mother brought out Grandpa's army outfit, and we took pictures in their backyard!" she continued.

"Oh man, that was such a happy day!" Anna said about the shooting. They looked adorable all dressed up! Grandma seemed to enjoy the images the most; Grandpa was less enthusiastic about smiling for the camera! However, these are treasured memories that our family will enjoy for the rest of their lives!"

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