13 Stunning Pencil Sketch Art With A Fluorescent Glow

Art is a broad category of aesthetics. Pencil art is one of the most fundamental types of art among the many that exist. Pencil art, which uses simple pencil lines of one uniform color, can still produce beautiful sketches in the modern-day.

Enrique Bernal, another talented artist who draws very skilled pencil art, goes a step further by digitally manipulating this art. He invented an entirely new combination that the world had never seen before. Bernal does the editing on his pencil sketches himself. He applies the fluorescent light effect to his artwork with Medibang Paint. This is a unique pencil art style that has never been seen before. The online community shared the photos after Bernal posted these incredible edits. This is a work of art worth discussing.

The somewhat mysterious glowing on his art brings the art ring to life. The pencil sketches are incredible, but with this additional effect created by this artist, the entire set of illustrations comes to life. This perfect placement of these glows in the art, and the art itself is flawless. Bernal's creativity in fusing these very different elements has elevated his craft to an international level of discussion.

We've compiled a list of his brilliant pencil sketches for you. Scroll down to see this fantastic art collection and vote your favorite to the top of the list. You can also check out Bernard's Instagram account to see more of his work. In the comments section below, don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas about Enrique Bernard's art collection.

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