A Finnish photographer shows how beautiful Finland forests are.

What do you think of first when you hear the word "Finland"? That could be cold weather, darkness, or forests with hidden paths. But Ossi Saarinen, a Finnish photographer, has put out a beautiful photo album that will change your mind about Finland. He took some stunning pictures of the Finnish wilderness, and I'm sure you'd fall in love with all of them.

Finland is a country with a lot of forests. About three-quarters of the land is covered with trees and plants. In the Arctic Lapland province, you can even see the Northern Lights, and there are a lot of national parks and ski resorts. It could be the best place for a nature lover to go on vacation, and if you want to get away from it all in nature, you should go to Finland on your next trip. Even the 2016 Environmental performance index put it first.

Ossi's camera has caught the true essence of wildlife, and you would fall in love with each of them right away. The pictures of squirrels, deer, bears, owls and many other animals look more like fairy tales. His choice of backgrounds and colours of animals and the fact that all of his pictures are very pretty seem to be quite impressive. He clicked at the right time, which means that Ossi must be very patient and have good taste in life.

So, scroll down and enjoy Finland's natural beauty. These pictures will change the way you think about the country because they show how beautiful it is, different from what you may have heard. You can send this to your friends and ask them to plan your next trip.

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