A Skilled photographer captures magical forest scenes by looking up.

There’s a popular quote that says: “Consequences don’t mean anything, perspective is everything”, and there’s no other saying more real than this. Manuelo Bececco’s stunning forest photographs prove the power of perspective.

The way we think, feel, analyze and deal with certain situations; all depends upon our perspective. This can be applied to our surroundings too. When we attempt to view the environment from a different perspective, we can create a new, different, better version of it.

Manuelo Bececco is an Italian photographer who uses a very simple but unique technique to capture the world above him. He uses this ‘Looking upward’ technique to capture magnificent photos that look absolutely divine.

About his insanely stunning photographs, Bececco said: “When I’m among the woods, I feel like everything is in my own way—giant trees or branches that form barriers, irises of the eyes, these are some things that I only imagine, and that I can sometimes turn into photographs.”

According to PlayJunkie, when Bececoo first started nature photography, his photographs were more conventional as he documented landscapes and mountains. With time, Bececco has started experimenting with new styles and learned that turning the camera upwards in a forest result in breathtaking photos.

See more of his incredible work below!








Images Credit - Manuelo Bececco

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