Nikita Golubev is going around Moscow's streets. Making dirty cars into beautiful works of art

A canvas might not be enough for imaginative artists to show how big their ideas are. The whole world is their canvas, and they can turn almost anything into works of art with their skill. Nikita Golubev is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Moscow. He has experimented with painting, sketches, and digital art. He lived in Russia's capital city, so there were lots of tall buildings and cars all around him. Even though he doesn't live near any beautiful natural places, the busy town always gives him new ways to express himself. A lot of dirty cars are parked all over Moscow. And what did he do? He uses layers of dust and dirt to take amazing pictures on the surface, turning dirty cars into works of art that will blow your mind.

Golubev can't help but be creative when he sees an old, dirty car. He uses dirt and filth as paint to make beautiful pictures of animals, flowers, people, and fictional characters. Because he used a dirty car as his canvas, his art has become known on social media. More than 117,000 people already follow him on Instagram at @proboynick. So, you shouldn't wash your car if you live in Moscow. Golubev might find your car and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. When that happens, you might never want to wash your car.

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