Kaapa; The Squirrel-Friend has cute close-up photos of red squirrels having fun.

Squirrels are so small, soft, and playful that you can watch them for hours without getting tired. But unless you have a pet squirrel, it's hard to get a close look at them. Because in nature, they are quick and shaky.

But Swedish photographer Jhonny Kaapa gets up close and personal with wild red squirrels to show how they live. This is a very difficult thing to do. It took a long time and a lot of patience to do. He worked with these wild squirrels for years to get close enough to take pictures of them.

First, he used long lenses, but now he could catch them with short or even fisheye lenses as they came straight at him and looked up into his camera with smooth faces. Because of how hard he worked, he was able to take pictures of a lot of their inner lives throughout the seasons.

Some of the snaps are cute, with big round eyes and pretty faces, but others are hilarious. The "superhero" photo is a funny reminder of how Superman fell to the ground. The Events picture was nominated for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finals.

There's a good chance that these cute pictures could also make you smile. Scroll down to see cute pictures of red squirrels to make you feel better.

Images Credit - Jhonny Kaapa

















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