17 Photographs at Sunset Using Cardboard Cutouts

When the sun slowly sets over the mountains behind the sea, it makes you feel like a good day has ended. And when it's finally time for sunset, we usually know instinctively that this is the right time to take a picture.

John Marshall is a film director, writer, and TV host. He thinks that sunset photos are full of magic and otherworldly scenes. When the sun's silhouette casts a dark shadow on an object, and the sun in the background shines with golden rays, Marshall uses cardboard cutouts to make "Sunset Selfies" look like something out of a dream.

He got a lot of ideas for this creative project when he lived in a small cabin on Frye Island for 30 days and watched the sunset every night. He was so moved by this experience of being mindful that he decided to keep doing it.

More Info & Images Credit - Johnmarshall.com / Facebook


He used some cards, scissors, a pen, and a lot of imagination to do his project. So, he made a lot of different animal kingdoms, including ones with meat-eating animals, sea creatures, birds, mythical beings, and even made-up characters.

When he plays with his cardboards, he sometimes rides a dragon and sometimes rides a dolphin through the sea. Sometimes you can see him flying with a group of storks in the blue sky. Marshall's ideas are endless!

He says that the whole thing woke up his inner child. This is the best way to understand the stories we've heard. We had a great time returning to our childhood with our animal friends. And whenever Marshall posts his last photo on Instagram, he makes sure to add a funny caption. So, to make the post shine even more.

Marshall wants to make people happy in these uncertain times, and he encourages others to start taking sunset selfies, too.
















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