This Bird Has The Appearance Of A Fluffy Little Dragon

If you like fantasy movies, you've probably wished that their magical animals were real. That would have been great, wouldn't it? The great-eared nightjars look like they came straight out of a fantasy movie, but they are very accurate.

The great-eared nightjar is a bird that lives in Southeast Asian tropical forests. These birds only come out at night and move through the forest at night to hide. One thing that makes them different is that they build their nests on the forest ground. This way, their babies can hide well among the dried leaves. When you look at how these birds look, they differ from other birds.

The great-eared nightjar looks like a fluffy little dragon or something from a Harry Potter movie. These birds are beautiful to look at and have the power to bring our favorite fantasy worlds to life. Even though there are other kinds of nightjars in the world, the ones with the big ears that look like little dragons are the most interesting. You can safely say that they are unique.

Image Credit - Instagram/Fly_with_jenisha

Their brown color lets them blend in perfectly with nature, and their big eyes make them even cuter. If someone says they saw a dragon flying through the sky, we shouldn't laugh it off. There's always a chance it was a great-eared nightjar doing magic in the human world as it went about its business. Don't forget to tell your family and friends about this fascinating bird and this story.

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