This lioness shows her caretaker how much she appreciates her with hugs and cuddles.

Sirga is a lioness who loves to cuddle with Valentin, her human parent. Valentin Gruener is one of the people who started the Modisa Wildlife Project, which is now running in Botswana's Kalahari. He also really cares about the environment. When Sirga the lioness was just a few days old, an extraordinary person began to raise her.

Sirga began to learn how to live in the wild when she was three years old. Valentin was right there with her, teaching her how to hunt. When Valentin found Sirga, she had only been born a few days before, and her parents had already left her. She only weighed 4 lbs. After her other siblings died, her parents left her to care for herself. If Valentin and his team hadn't found her, she wouldn't have been able to stay alive in the wild.

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He took Sirga to the vet and put a drip in her arm to help her get water because she was so dehydrated. Valentin then made sure she got fat. After a year, she had stopped nursing and was eating meat. She weighed 175 lbs. Over a year, it was amazing to see how much she changed. Valentin now thinks that Sirga is Botswana's most well-fed and spoiled lioness.

Sirga didn't know how to hunt before Valentin taught her, so he had to get dirty. He taught her how to hunt, kill, and live like a wild lion. A lot of Valentin's time was spent hiding in bushes with the lioness and pouncing at watering holes. This happened because Sirga didn't know other lions who could teach her basic survival skills.

The lioness now goes on her hunt and catches animals like antelopes to eat. She even lets her human mother or father stay with her while she eats. This lioness and her human father have a lovely relationship. They play together and sometimes even cuddle. Sirga runs over to Valentin as soon as she sees him and gives him hugs and kisses.

They want to set Sirga free as a wild lion who hasn't been around many people. This story shows that no matter how big or scary an animal is, it will always be grateful to someone who takes care of it. We're sure the lioness and the person caring for her will always be close as long as they live.

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