10+ Photos Showing What Happens When Adults Color in Coloring Books

As kids, many of us loved coloring books, but as we grew up, we forgot about them. But it looks like not all of us did. Some adults still love coloring books as much as they did when they were kids. The only difference is the way their color has changed. I'm not saying this in a good way.

Favorite characters from cartoons will be able to star in horror movies. There's a good chance that princesses will show up in films for adults. Do you agree that this is interesting to look at? It's great that there is now the Internet, where you can find almost any kind of information and adult coloring books meant for kids.

Coloring Corruptions is an online community where people share different ways to color children's coloring pages. As creative as these ideas are, they're a great example of why it's not always a good idea to give adults coloring books to kids. "Spoiled coloring pages" are funny and creepy, and I think you will like them.

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More Info & Images Credit - Coloringcorruptions

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