10 Real People Who Choose a Lifestyle That May Appear to Be a Weird Joke, But They're Not


Each person is different. He takes care of his own life on his terms. And there's nothing strange or wrong about it. We can only respect and accept the choices that other people make.

Some people would instead give up their boring everyday lives for something different. Some of them live out their childhood dreams and become amazing creatures. Others go into the forest to escape the city's noise, and still, others are sent back in time. But this isn't the only thing our heroes' fantasies are about.

Catwoman and her 1000 furry pets

Linea Lattanzio's story started with the fact that when she was a child, her mother wouldn't let her have a cat as a pet. People still like cats a lot. She opened an orphanage in her own home when she was a child. Today, a woman keeps animals in it that were on the street and had to be rescued.

The hotel for cats has five rooms and is on 12 acres of land in California. Guests with mustaches don't need anything and are fine. After staying with Lattanzio for a short time, they return to their real owners. Linea has saved more than 19,000 animals over the years.

Husband and wife who live like they’re in the Victorian era

Sarah and Gabriel Crisman live as people did in the 1800s. They gave up everyday things and didn't feel bad about it. The couple takes showers with jugs of water, makes their clothes from natural fabrics, don't own a car, and only uses oil lamps to light their home.

British man dressed up as a dog

The Sun

Tom is a guy who, in his spare time, dresses up as a dog and acts like one. He loves to play with dog squeakers, eat from a bowl, and go for walks outside. The guy admits that having a strange hobby is a sign of wanting to escape reality and return to the beginning.

The man who wore a cross behind his back for more than 30 years

Lindsay Hamon taught people about God while wearing a huge cross on his back for more than 30 years. He walked to more than 19 different countries. He has no plans to stay there. In 1987, Jamon began to preach.

A guy who loves cockroaches

Julian H. Gonzalez

Kyle Candyland is a young man who can't imagine his life without cockroaches. He keeps them not only as pets. Kyle raises some kinds of insects for sale because they can be used to feed birds and other animals. A guy keeps about 200,000 cockroaches at a time, on average. About 130 different species are in his collection.

When the love of color grew into a way of life

A grasshopper grandmother named Elisabeth Rosenthal loves the color green because it makes her happy. The artist has had a strange way of life for more than 25 years. Her clothes, shoes, jewellery, furniture, makeup, and even hair are all shades of green.

The girl realized her fantasy and became a mermaid

Since she was a child, Cassia Shells has been collecting dolls with tails. By the time I was 29, my love for beautiful figures from mythology had grown into something big. The girl wore a costume and started believing she was a mermaid. Her house looks like a kingdom under the sea, with many blue scales and mermaid tails.

Mick Dodge is a retired hermit who used to be an infantryman.

Mick Dodge got tired of the noise and chaos of the city and modern life, so he moved far away from people. He chose the Hoh forest as his home. The man learned to find food, sleep outside, and use cones to brush his teeth.

Dodge has spent more than 30 years living in the forest. Mick became very well-known on the Internet after National Geographic made a documentary about him.

Canadian family abandoned modern amenities and returned to 1986

caters news

Blair Macmillan's family lives as if it's still 1986. They don't use the Internet or other modern tools. Why are you so extreme? A man with two sons worried they would become too dependent on technology as they grew up.

The family doesn't use any technology that was made after 1986. Instead, they use encyclopedias and other reference books to find information. Children don't like to sit in front of the TV for long periods. Instead, they would rather be creative or play active games.

Amu Haji – the man who hasn’t washed in 60 years


Amu Haji, an Iranian drifter, became well-known because he didn't care about cleanliness. He hasn't cleaned himself in 60 years. The Iranian says that taking a shower will be a big mistake because he will get sick immediately and die.

Amu lives in a way that is very primitive. He usually sleeps or lies in the sun. A man's most valuable possession is a water pipe that he uses instead of his smoking pipe. Also, the older man won't eat or drink anything fresh. People in the village of Dezhga take care of the strange homeless man.

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