A cute laughing dormouse sitting on a flower was caught by a photographer.

Andrea Zampatti is a good photographer who takes pictures of animals. The picture he took, called "The Laughing Dormouse," helped him win the On Land category of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. This picture will make you smile because it shows a tiny dormouse laughing in the middle of a bunch of flowers. It's hard to tell if the creature was laughing or yawning, but it's cute either way.

The perfectly timed picture will make you feel good. This talented photographer doesn't just take photos of cute mice. They also take pictures of many other animals. Andrea likes wildlife, so she has taken pictures of different animals that live in the northern hemisphere. Some of his other photos show a curious bear in Finland who is waiting for a hug and a naughty wapiti with its tongue out in Yellowstone National Park.

His pictures show how good he is at catching animals at their most endearing. Andrea's photography skills show how beautiful nature is and how cute wildlife is. Don't forget to show your family and friends these beautiful pictures to improve their day.

See some of his amazing photographs of other animals 

I was putting my tongue out in a relaxed pose.

Standing still like a wooden bear statue be like. This bear is a real showoff.

He is doing a great job of matching the color of the snow.

He is proud and wears a crown of his own making.

He stands on that tiny branch that says, "It's time to eat."

They watch over the sky.

He might think, "They won't see me if I stand still."

The forest's royal guards.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Facebook

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