Cat makes his first trip to the beach and has strong opinions about it.

We all love going to the beach and having fun in the sun, sand, and water. But the cat in our story is one person who doesn't feel the same way. Pumpkin is a beautiful ginger cat saved when she was just a baby. He grew up over time, and his family soon discovered he had mild cerebellar hypoplasia.

Even though it makes it hard for him to see the depth and move around, It doesn't keep him from going on adventures with his human owners. Pumpkin's owners think he is as clumsy as a puppy, even though he is a cat. His front paws come up one at a time when he runs, making it look like he is trotting.

This free spirit has always loved being outside; he and his human family go on hikes and kayak trips together. So, Pumpkin's owners decided to take him to the beach so he could get used to it. At first, the cat seemed to like the beach and the surrounding area. He ran around and looked at things while having fun. He had fun for a while, but then the wind stopped him, and Pumpkin quickly went from happy to angry.

The people who owned Pumpkin soon discovered that, even though he liked the beach, he didn't like the strong wind. His family couldn't stop taking pictures and videos of him reacting to the wind because it was so funny. The people who owned him had never seen anything like this before. Pumpkin showed that he didn't like the wind by making faces that showed he didn't like it.

He didn't like it, and his owners laughed a lot at the faces he made. This cat wasn't afraid to tell his human family how he felt. Pumpkin still goes to the beach, but that hasn't changed the fact that he hates the wind. But he still enjoys himself when he goes to the beach even after what happened. Don't forget to look at Pumpkin's funny pictures, because we're sure they will make you laugh until you cry.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Facebook
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