A photographer caught two frogs in the rain giving each other a sweet hug.

Ajar Setiadi has always been interested in what animals do behind closed doors near his home in Bogor, Indonesia. And this is precisely what made him pick up a camera a few years ago as a first attempt to show how different all the snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and insects are that he has spent so much of his life watching.

He has spent a lot of time behind the camera, so he has a knack for catching the cutest moments of these little animals, which are very close to how people feel.

And one of Setiadi's favorite times of year is when it rains. Because he likes to watch the white tree frogs, also called "dumpy tree frogs," hide under the plants in the cutest way you can think of.

And one day in February, when he was out in the rain, he saw something so cute that he couldn't stand it. He saw a lovely frog protecting another frog from the weather. They were using a flower as an umbrella, and the frog had thrown one hand over the other as a sweet way to protect them.

He moved quickly to take a picture. And he knew right away that he had taken a picture of a significant moment.

Setiadi must be very patient to catch these magical moments, but she always thinks it's worth it.

And we hope Setiadi will take a lot more pictures like this.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram 

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