Alena Kravchenko, Who Refused To Cut Her Hair Since She Was 5 Is Now In Her 30s And Looks Like A Real-Life Rapunzel

Many women wish they had long, beautiful hair. And there are a few things to think about when you have long hair. The most important thing is to have a lot of patience, and you also need to take good care of your hair. The person's genes also play a role.

More Info & Images Credit - Alona Kravchenko

1. Alena Kravchenko, who lives in Odesa, Ukraine, is one of the lucky ones with long hair. Her hair is 6 feet (1.8 meters) long, and is 34 years old. She been called "Rapunzel in real life."

2. Since she was five, her mother has encouraged her to let her hair grow out. 

3. She hasn't cut her hair in almost 30 years, even though it's longer than her 5'6" height (1.68 meters)

4. "I've never thought about getting a haircut because I love my braid.   "I can't imagine myself with short hair or hair that is a different colour," Alena said.

5. It is hard to take care of her hair because it is so long, but she says it's not that hard because she loves it.

6. "It's not hard for me to have long hair or to take care of them all the time. It's all fun for me because my beauty and wealth are a part of me," she says.

7. She says she doesn't dye her hair and uses products to keep it healthy.

8. "The main thing I never do: I don't dry my hair with a hairdryer, I don't use curling irons, and I don't comb my wet hair (it dries on its own). I wash my hair once a week and use natural masks and oils to keep it healthy. However, professional cosmetics are the most important thing I do for my hair. I always use dried fruits, nuts, and cottage cheese that I make myself."

9. She told you that you need to love your hair. You can grow your hair long and beautiful if you want and love what you do.

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