A photographer took pictures of a small owl hiding under a mushroom from the rain.


Like hawks and eagles, owls are called "raptors" or "birds of prey." This means they hunt, kill, and eat other animals with sharp claws and curved bills.

But there are many ways in which owls are different from hawks and eagles. Most owls have big heads, strong bodies, soft and smooth feathers, short tails, and toes that can point forward or backward. The owl's eyes look forward, just like ours do. Most owls are active at night and are known as nocturnal birds.

Around the world, there are about 250 different kinds of owls. They live on almost every continent except Antarctica, where it is too cold for them to live.

Many owls have a unique low frequency in their calls, which helps their songs travel long distances without being absorbed by plants. If we learn these songs and other sounds that owls make, it will be easier to find them and tell what kind they are.

Photographer Tanja Brandt took a great picture of an owl hiding from the rain. This picture went viral on the Internet, which was a surprise.

Her name is Poldi, and she is only a year and a half old. He has only six older sisters. Brandt said that she thought animals should be photographed and caught when the time was right. He loves to take his animals out for walks and keep them company.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Ingoundelse.de / Facebook 
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