A photographer clicked The beauty of this unusual orange and black "Fire-Fox" 

Over the last two months, photographer Sam Gaby was able to do something extraordinary. In Newfoundland, he made friends with a particular orange-and-black fox.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

1. The fantastic relationship between the two people has made it possible for the photographer to take a picture of something as unique as the animal.

2. Cross foxes are common in northern North America, so people who live there are used to seeing them.

3. They have fantastic fur coats with dark stripes running down their backs and shoulders. The difference between dark and orange is fascinating.

4. They make up about 30% of Canada's red fox population, but they are still a beautiful sight to see.

5. "Our first meeting was planned. I was thinking about how not to scare this wild animal, but I was also trying to reassure him that I wasn't dangerous."

6. Here's a video of firefox in Canada, number six.

7. Gaby worked hard to get the animal to trust her.

8. Luckily, he didn't give up, and the fox got used to the photographer and camera after returning to visit more than once.

9. After the first two years, Gaby went back to check on his friend more than once.

10. That's when he found out about this fox's siblings. They are also shown in Gaby's pictures of them.

11. "Not only is I impressed by his beauty, but also by how smart he is."

12. "I've seen him hunt, hide food, and get it back. I've also seen him talk to other foxes. He was very playful, especially with his brother or sister. I named them both Mat and Pat."

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