Armadillo Lizards Have the Appearance of Real-Life Mini-Dragons

Dragons are mythical creatures popular with people who like to play games or watch fantasy shows on TV. Recently, a unique armadillo lizard called a "mini-dragon" because it can curl up into a ball to protect itself was one of the most interesting animals. The curled lizard has a thorny coat, making it the most unique and strange reptile species in the world.

It uses its sharp, pointy armor to protect itself from harsh environments and to defend itself. They hide in South African deserts between rock cracks and live in large groups. The most interesting thing about these little dragons is that they are the only reptiles that don't lay eggs but like to sunbathe. But because of the rise in illegal trade, these little animals are in danger, and their population is at risk.

This is because they are small, they move slowly and are easy to catch. They might look like dangerous animals, but they come in different sizes and colours, from light yellowish-brown to darker brown, so that they can blend in with the desert.

They are four inches long when stretched out and live for more than a decade. They usually eat small insects, like termites and other invertebrates. They don't lay eggs, so they only have one or two babies a year. They are not dangerous, while humans are the only thing that can hurt them.

They make good pets but are now used to transport people illegally, which is sad. So, these unique animals should be kept safe so their species can grow.

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