Vincent is a fluffy Maine Coon that looks like a black panther.

The Maine Coon cat named Vincent lives in Russia. He has done a good job of getting everyone's attention with his big body, beautiful eyes, and black fur, making him looking like a black panther. This fascinating creature has a TikTok account and an Instagram account with more than 500,000 followers.

Vincent lives with Andrey and Anastasia, the people who own him. When the couple realized their life was missing something, they decided to buy Vincent. Since it was too soon for them to have a baby, they decided to get a cat as a pet instead. The couple immediately fell in love with the Maine Coon because of his cute face.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Tiktok

When the Maine Coon was being taken home, he got everyone's attention because he looked like a real person. The couple couldn't think of a name for the cat right away. They were finally inspired to call him Vincent by the TV show "Brassic." The main character's name was Vincent, and he looked like a cat in some ways.

People know that Maine Coons are big, so picking him up off the floor is not easy. But his growth phase will likely last for another 1–2 years. Vincent is a cute cat who likes to play. Andrey and Anastasia set up Instagram, and TikTok accounts for Vincent after they saw that he could make people interested in him.

Soon, photos and videos of the beautiful Maine Coon went viral, and he became a big deal on the internet. Vincent always pays close attention to what his two human parents do, and he can even feel pain. The Maine Coon is very interested in the people who care for him, so he keeps a close eye on them. Vincent likes to play football with a small foil-twisted ball.

When bored, he brings this ball to his people and asks them to throw it at him. Then Vincent goes after the ball and brings it back. This game of catch shows that Vincent is not only small, like a doggo but also acts like one.

Even when his human owners sneeze, the caring Maine Coon shows emotion. The couple agrees that caring for a big cat is hard work, but they love him very much.
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