Bumblebees who fell asleep inside flowers with pollen on their buttocks.

When most people think of bumblebees, the word "butt" is not the first thing that comes to mind. Most people think of them when they see pollen, smell honey, or hear their busy sounds. It turns out that they also have cute butts. And their butts are nice to look at.

People and bumblebees are not that different. Just like us, they get tired of trying to make enough money to eat every day. They get tired while looking for nectar. You know what they do, don't you? They go to sleep! It makes no difference where they are. And the pictures of sleeping bumblebees are way too cute!

When they fall asleep, they don't sleep in a certain way. They fall asleep no matter where they are. Sometimes they are inside the flower, sometimes their behinds sticking out of it, and sometimes they have pollen on their backsides. Regardless of how they fall asleep, they are all cute.

And we have put together a list of the cutest pictures of bumblebees sleeping in flowers. You can get your daily dose of cuteness by scrolling down.

1. A rosebud with a butt sticking out of it

2. Look at all the pollen on her rear end!

3. It looks like its hands.

4. Another cute butt of a bumblebee.

5. I like these colours.

6. In this picture, I almost didn't see the bumble.

7. I can see the bumblebee now.

8. Caught during a dive!

9. I need to get to the centre of the flower.

10. Pollen looks like pixie dust!

11. The cutest bumblebee you will see today looks like a spider.

12. Aww, how cute is this?

13. Here's a closer look!

14. Full of fairy dust

15. What a lovely flower! Pretty buzzing insect!

16. It has the same face!

17. Like something from a Disney movie.

So, what's your opinion? They're cute, right?

All the credit for the pictures goes to the photographers who took them. Please get in touch with us in any way you can.

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