When this gecko is near his toy gecko, he can't stop smiling.

We all have a hard time right now and need to feel better. So, the pictures we're showing you today are meant to do just that. These pictures show a gecko happy to have made a new friend. Kohaku is a gecko living in Japan. In 2017, photos of him being happy about getting a toy gecko went viral after posting them online.

It looks like the toy is a miniature version of himself. No one knew whether Kohaku knew whether his new friend was real or not. It didn't change that they were now best friends, though. As soon as the pictures of this cute gecko were posted online, people worldwide fell in love with it. The two friends play and cuddle together.

More Info & Images Credit- Instagram

Even though Kohaku's new friend is just a plastic toy, he thinks it is accurate.
About 37.5K people follow this adorable gecko on Instagram. After a YouTuber named Taylor posted pictures of this cute gecko and his best friend, Kohaku became very popular. The Japanese vending machine where Chinmari came from.

Leopard geckos are very territorial and usually fight when they live in the same space. Living together, two geckos of different sexes can also cause problems. So, Chinmari is an excellent choice to play Kohaku's best friend. With Chinmari, he can live a safe and healthy life.

They have fans from all over the world, which makes them happy. Kohaku has been smiling, sticking his tongue out, and even winking at his fans while posing for pictures. Leopard geckos come in different sizes, colours, and patterns, and they also come in different shapes. They are perfect to have as pets.

These geckos can talk and even use their tongues to clean their eyes. Some people might not agree that Kohaku is a dinosaur, but he does look like a small, friendly dinosaur. Looking at this gecko and his toy friend will make you smile and feel better.
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