The backs of adorable violet chinchillas make them look round and perfect.

Chinchillas are cute creatures that are known for how fluffy they are. But you don't know that they are also unique because their butts are perfectly round. Cameron Holmes from the UK has shown that their butts look like a perfect circle. These well-cared-for animals are sweet, and their coats look great on their own. Chinchillas live in South America's Andes Mountains.

Their thick fur coat helps them live in harsh climates. These animals get clean in the morning by rolling around in the dust. They also like to eat snacks and sleep. Cameron from Cameron's Chinchillas says, "We turn on the lights and say good morning to all of the chinchillas. Each of them is waiting by their food hopper for it to be filled."

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Facebook / Camchinchillas

1. This cute face is sure to make your day better.

2. Look at how perfectly round their butt is.

3. This animal looks like it could be a stuffed toy for kids.

4.We should make up the phrase "round as a chinchilla's butt."

5. It's so cute that it makes your heart melt.

6. Hey, you people.

7. This is how I look when I'm serious.

8. Look at that perfect butt.

9. I can't stand how cute they are.

10. A picture of two perfect butts.

11. Who could say "no" to that adorable face?

12. Posing with my human for a picture.

13. I really like it when he hugs me.

14. Cute on their own, but even cuter together.

15. I'm too cute, I know it.

16. Okay, I know I'm a "furball."

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