Meet Barry, the Canary with a Bowl Feather Cut.

Birds are so cute and are known for their bright and beautiful colors. But have you ever heard of a bird whose haircut made it easy to spot? So, here's one of these little birds. Barry is a cute little Gloster canary whose hairstyle is one of a kind. This excellent haircut looks like a bowl cut done right. It's what gives him his nickname, "the bird with the fringe."

Gloster Canaries came from the Canary Islands, but you often don't see them in the wild. Many years of careful breeding have led to these birds. They can live for seven to twelve years. Gloster Canaries are known for how well they can sing. People worldwide who like birds love these little ones because they have cute haircuts and can sing.

On July 26, 2019, Barry's owners went to a pet store to look for the best bird. On July 27, 2019, they returned with none other than Barry himself. "He was the one," they said. Barry's owners think he is 1.5 years old, but they don't have any proof to support this claim. There are two kinds of Gloster canaries. The consort is one type, and the crown is the other. What makes these two kinds different is their edges. The consorts do not have a fringe, but the coronas do.

Barry is a corona because of his fringe. This cute little bird likes to go for walks in his bird carrier. His owners walk him through parks and fields, which makes him excitedly tweet and hop. Barry even likes to sing while sitting on the window sill.

He has his own Instagram account with many followers and a bio that says "I'm Barry, the bird with a fringe" because he has a fringe now. His owners put cute pictures of him on there so his followers can enjoy them. When you see this beautiful bird, your heart will melt.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

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