Tree-kangaroos exist, and they're cute, too.

The tree kangaroo is the national animal of Australia, even though you may not have heard of it before. Many things about these animals are the same as regular kangaroos, but what makes them different is that they are very fluffy and look like small bears. Tree-kangaroos can be found in the forests of Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They can be found in both mountainous and lowland forests.

We don't know very much about these cute creatures. But they are used to living comfortably in trees. Tree-kangaroos have strong arms in the front that help them climb trees. They look like lemurs because they have short legs. People are very interested in these animals because they are rare and beautiful. The first one of them was born in a zoo in the year 2016. After 36 years, this finally gave a glimmer of hope that the species would survive.

Let me come down so you can hug me.

When I smell the food.

That time when your friend needs to take a selfie with you

Let me change the camera settings to get a better shot.

I couldn't say "cheese," so I said, "mmmmm."

I felt safe and comfortable in my mother's pouch.

People mean this when they say, "Food makes you happy."

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

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