A baby hippo screams for help when a flock of birds lands on its back.

The same thing makes us feel different ways. Everyone has their point of view, so it makes sense. This is true of the animal world. This baby rhino can't get enough of the birds. A baby elephant couldn't be happier to chase after and dance with a flock of birds. It ends up being very funny and cute. Continue to scroll!

A small group of oxpeckers landed on the back of the young hippo while it was playing alone. It let the birds stay on it for about 10 seconds before he wanted to get rid of them. But these oxpeckers wouldn't go away. The funny tale started!

When the oxpeckers started to peck at the calf's back, it cried out for help. I was genuinely scared. It tried everything to scare away people who didn't want to be there. "I'm not kidding. "Stay away from me, you guys."

The hippo ran and turned around, but neither of those things helped. It even tried to trick the birds by pretending to run into the water. The birds soon gave up trying to eat and flew away, which was a good thing.

As you may already know, oxpeckers and hippos usually help each other. These birds eat ticks and other parasites on hippos, which helps get rid of them. But the baby hippo doesn't want to play with them this time. It thinks these birds are annoying and tries very hard to get rid of them.

Photographer Marc Mol caught these funny scenes at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. He was focused on a group of hippos when he saw the baby hippo running toward him with the oxpeckers on its back.

"At first, I couldn't figure out what was going on when I saw baby hippos running toward me and the safety of the water. Then I realized that a small group of Oxpeckers was to blame."It was hilarious to see." Marc Mol said,

"I had a good laugh when I realized I had taken a picture of something different and funny," he said.

When Marc put pictures of the baby hippo on the Internet, they quickly got a lot of attention. People feel bad for the baby animal but can't stop laughing at it. Its faces are so funny and honest. It doesn't say anything to the oxpeckers. All done.

Source - catersnews.com

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