A photographer took pictures of a wolf and a bear hanging out together.

Lassi Rautiainen is a Finnish photographer who took pictures of a female grey wolf and a male brown bear who had a special relationship. Every night for ten days, the two friends were seen together. Between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., they spend a few hours together. Both the wolf and the bear eat the same food.

It's infrequent, it seems, to see a wolf and a bear get along this well. No one knows how or why the two creatures became friends, to begin with. Lassi thinks the wolf and the bear are lonely and don't know how to take care of themselves. They were both young, so it must have been fun to experience rare things together in the wild.

Lassi was happy to meet these two friends because they were perfect for his story. He thought that the wolf and the bear felt safe when they were together. "No one had seen bears and wolves living together and getting along in Europe," he said. This unlikely friendship is sure to give us all something to think about.

This picture shows two of the most powerful animals.

Strong on their own but more potent as a group.

Because caring and sharing are at the heart of friendship.

Going for a run in the woods with your best friend is like.

Who would have thought a wolf and a bear could get along?

Just look at how well these two beautiful animals get along.

Respect is what makes a friendship strong.

When it comes to being best friends, it doesn't matter how different people are.

I am talking about silly things in the woods.

When it comes to friendship, size doesn't matter, and this picture is proof of that.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram / Facebook / Wildfinland.org

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