Two abandoned infants, a zebra and a rhino calf heal and comfort each other.

There are many unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom, and the company between a baby zebra and a baby rhino is proof of that. The Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary is in South Africa. It is home to Daisy, the baby rhino and Modjadji, the baby zebra. Both buds were hurt, but they helped each other get better. Not long after Daisy moved into the sanctuary, Modjadji joined her.

When storms and heavy rains hit the reserve at the end of November, Modjadji was found lying still and barely breathing. She was taken to the ICU at the sanctuary. She looked like she was about a week old. When the two people met, they didn't think twice about becoming friends; over time, they became like family. As the baby rhino and baby zebra grew, they became more robust and confident.

Over time, they became interested in each other and started to talk to each other. Rhinos are social animals that need to be with other animals. Modjadji is an excellent friend to Daisy and shows a lot of affection for her. After just one month, they were always together.

Now, the baby zebra and baby rhino are more like family than just best friends. At night, the two friends cuddle, which makes Daisy feel safer and more at ease. Modjadji is a good friend who can always be with Daisy and always pay attention. Another good thing about this friendship is that it keeps Daisy from having too much contact with other people.

The sanctuary is looking forward to letting the two buds go back into the wild to live with others of their kind once they have fully recovered and are in good health. The baby rhino and baby zebra will take care of each other until then. Isn't it beautiful to see animals helping each other when they're in trouble? The pictures of the two of them cuddling will make your heart melt.

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