The Cassowary is the world's most dangerous bird.

One of the most exciting kinds of birds is the cassowary. Usually thought of as the most dangerous bird on Earth. The cassowary is a type of bird that can't fly. It is a ratite, which means it doesn't have wings. These big, long-legged birds are related to emus and have 3 subspecies, with the southern cassowary being the most common. They live in the tropical forests of New Guinea, Australia's northeast, and the Aru Islands.

Image Credit - Brian Gratwicke

From a standing position, a cassowary can jump 5 feet in the air!

Image Credit - awee_19

A dinosaur that looked a lot like a cassowary was just found.

It is thought that these birds' ancestors came about around 60 million years ago, not long after the dinosaurs died out. Also, in 2017, a fossil of a dinosaur that looks much like a cassowary was found. Even though they aren't related, cassowaries still have a lot of traits from the past that only a few animals have today.

Image Credit - Pete Keogh

They can go as fast as 30mph!

Photo by Ivan Phillipsen. Queensland, Australia

Their red wattles hanging from their necks and bright blue faces make them look even scarier. They also make a lot of scary noises, such as booms, hisses, rumbles, and roars. But they are dangerous because three sharp-clawed toes are at the end of their strong legs.

They can give a very powerful kick, and each of their five toes ends in a deadly claw that can grow up to 5 inches long (12 centimeters). Their kick alone can do a lot of damage, but their claws, which look like daggers, can do even more damage that can kill.

Image Credit - Juanipaneiva

Did you know that cassowaries are the only large birds that can live in the rainforest without being able to fly? The southern cassowary is the biggest of the three types of cassowaries. It has three toes, and the middle one has a long claw that looks like a dagger.

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