This Waterbird Has Unusual feet that look like feathers

Do you like birds? This article is for you if you like birds a lot. This time, we'd like to show you some photos of Coots, a unique bird you've probably never heard of.

The American Coot, called the Mud Hen, is a bird about the size of a hen and the size of a duck. They walk more like a chicken on land and swim like a duck in the water. Even though it likes to be on the ground sometimes, it spends most of its time swimming.

The American coot is a bird that moves around a lot. It spends most of its time in North America. During the summer, they breed in the northern U.S. states of New York, Massachusetts, and southern Canada. During the winter, they can be found from Florida to California in the south of the United States. Usually, you can find them in park lakes, ponds, open marshes, and slow-moving rivers.

Coots are easy to spot because of their round, dark bodies, small heads, thin legs, wedge-shaped, white bills, and bright red eyes. They are known for having feet that look like feathers, which makes them stand out. The Sandhill Crane and Rails are the birds that are most like them.

The main thing that American coots eat is aquatic plants. But they don't just eat plants and anything else. They may also be seen eating bugs.

Coots usually build nests that float and lay 8–12 eggs in each clutch. They do something called "conspecific brood parasitism," when females of the same species lay eggs in the nests of other coots.

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