These tiny white squirrels are unique and very special to a Japanese island.

Here's an article for people who think that flying squirrels do fly. Even though flying squirrels can run more than 100m away from a threat, does that mean they can fly? In no way. Because they have membranes between their front and back legs, we can see them flying. Because of these special membranes, they can glide a very long way.

The cute and fat Japanese and Siberian flying squirrels are some of the best Old World flying squirrels. They are only found on the coasts of the Baltic Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and Japan. They look like cute cotton balls, and these adorable white squirrels don't sleep through the winter. Instead, they don't wake up for days!

Have any of you seen these adorable flying squirrels in your area? If so, why don't you show us some cute pictures of them? Leave your thoughts and tell other squirrel fans about this article. 

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