Cute Seal Puppy Smiles and Waves to the Camera

The world of animals is full of amazing things. One day, the story will be about a lion who helped a donkey. The next day, it's about a dog who looks funny and cute simultaneously. Today, this is a story about an adorable seal pup that no one could say a word about it.

The seal pup was taking a nap in the sun on a beach in Horsey, Norfolk. The cute pictures of the seal waving to the camera were taken by Johan Siggesson of Zurrieq, Malta.

"Spending time with these seals was a very cool thing to do. The photographer said the first few days were terrible because it rained, hailed, and was windy.

The largest seal colony in England is Blakeney Point, where more than 3,000 seal pups are born yearly. Because there are so many seals in the area, you can often see them lying in the sun. Seals often sunbathe on the east coast of the UK during the winter.

You can see the seal pup playing on the beach in these photos. Then it holds its flip up and waves to the camera as if to say hello. The seal pup looks like it likes being in the picture.

Mr. Siggeson posted on Facebook, "Back to the babies again, then... When working on the beach in the United Kingdom, it's easy to be drawn to these cute animals. There's always an adorable pup around if you need a little inspiration.

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