This little bird is called a pink robin and looks like a pink ball of fur

The Pink Robin is a small, round bird usually quieter than other robins. This makes it hard to spot. Males' upper bodies are brownish-black, and their throats and heads are black. At the same time, females have a buff spot, a small white spot above the bill. Males have a strange pink wash on their chests that goes down to their bellies. Females have a pinkish tint to their warm olive-brown color.

Pink Robins are only found in the southeastern part of Australia. During the breeding season, you might see a Pink Robin alone or with a partner in the dense shrub layers of wet, damp forests or rainforests. In the winter, they mostly live in more open and dry places.

This article shows that the pink robin is real, even though it seems impossible. Some might say these birds are made up, but they look more than real. In some countries and islands, you can find these robins, especially in wetter places like Tasmania and the King and Flinders Islands.

They mainly stay in damp places because it's a good places for them to build their nests. A camera has a hard time catching these birds.

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