The Friendly Duck Will Protect His Favorite Boy From Any Harm

You might have bathed with a rubber ducky when you were a kid and let it float around in the water. In our story, the little boy takes baths with a rubber duck and a real duck. In 2016 Jennifer Young was planning to adopt a duck. At that time, her son was only a few months old. She had no idea that the duck and her son would soon become best friends.

Since Tyler, Jennifer's son, joined the family, Bee the duck, also called "Beaker," has been best friends with him. So it doesn't surprise that Tyler's first word was "duck." The two friends do everything together, like play, eat, and sleep. With a harness, it was easy for Jennifer to train the duck. The duck follows the person wherever they go.

From the time the two friends wake up until the time they go to sleep, it seems pretty chaotic to Jennifer. When Tyler eats, Bee asks for food, so the human finds a way to sneak food for his duck. Sometimes, the two misfits make a mess in Tyler's room, and they seem to blame because they share a lot.

This duck also looks out for his human friend very well. If Tyler is crying while Jennifer is holding him, Bee comes up to her feet and quacks to ensure he is okay and not hurt. Jennifer has had ducks before, but none of them lived inside. Bee is the first duck she has ever cared for inside. The duck has to wear a diaper as Tyler does because of this.

Jennifer laughed when she first heard that people kept ducks in their homes and made the ducks wear diapers, but she ended up doing the same thing. Bee is an intelligent, sweet, and loyal pet, not too different from dogs and cats. Tyler's best friend is a duck, and he loves having him as a pet. Their pictures clearly show how close they are to each other.

More Info  & Images Credit - Facebook/MrTandBee / Instagram/mr.tandbee

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