Capybara is taken to a rescue sanctuary, he falls in love with all of the animals.

The Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas is a great place that takes in a lot of animals that have been left behind, hurt, or are orphans. They all come from different locations and have their own unique stories.

They all have one thing in common. They all needed help and someone to care for them and give them all the love and attention that every animal required. The shelter is run by an animal lover named Janice Wolf, who aims to provide animals in need with a safe and loving place to live.

Janice has taken in many different animals, from dogs and cats to deer and ducks. The animals have always gotten along well, but things changed for the better when a beautiful capybara named Cheesecake moved to the farm.

Cheesecake got along with every single animal on the farm right away. She especially liked a group of pups who had been left alone and had no mother. Cheesecake played with the dogs and even slept with them at night so they wouldn't be afraid or cold.

Look around this animal rescue center and get ready to say, " that's cute!".

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