These pictures of "Azuki" the hedgehog, who goes camping, are so adorable

Do you remember Azuki? A tiny Japanese hedgehog likes to go camping and try out life in the wild. His floppy ears, pointy nose, and round shape make him hard to forget.

Well, we'll have you know that this cute little guy recently left his cozy dream house for a small set of Coleman camping gear and the great outdoors! Little Azuki had all the essential camping gear, like tents, kayaks, and even a grill. It's safe to say that he had everything he needed for a great camping trip, and pictures show that he had a great time. Oh! How much do we also want to camp out? The more we look at his photos, the more we want to be him. We're also very tempted to take in a little hedgehog like Azuki.

You can live out your camping dreams through Azuki and look at the best parts of the cutest camping trip ever. We don't think you've ever been as happy and excited as this little guy.

More info & Images Credit - hedgehog_azuki

Look at that smile of happiness! We want to be as cozy as he is in that little tent.

Doesn't this beautiful little animal make your heart want to burst? Unless we knew better, we would have thought this picture came from a cutesy kids' movie. The little girl Azuki is full of life!

And you thought it couldn't get any cuter.

A small lunch spread! Beautifully set up on a small picnic table, just right for the little hedgehog. We can't forget the even smaller straw hat, either.

We can always count on little Azuki to make us laugh. We hope he doesn't get too tired from pulling around that little Coleman wagon.

Time for a barbecue! This cute little hedgehog is having a great time on the grill set made just for him and his cute size. Azuki, save some meat for us, too.

Ah! Little Azuki ate a lot at that BBQ. He must have thought he couldn't get any rounder. It would help if you took a long nap when you're out in the woods and complete.

So there you go! One of Little Azuki's many trips that are still to come.

We can all agree that these cute pictures make us want to hike through the woods, kayak through the water, and end the day with a good old-fashioned BBQ!

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