A man takes care of a baby Grizzly bear, and now they are inseparable.

What if your best friend was a grizzly bear that weighed 800 pounds?

This guy in Montana has a thousand reasons to show that a big, wild animal that weighs 800 pounds can be the best furry friend. Casey Anderson has loved wild animals ever since he was a little boy. He grew up in Montana, so bears have always been close to his heart. The 44-year-old man has made it his job, and maybe even his life, to protect and preserve these beautiful animals. He always tried to teach people what wilderness is and how they should treat it.

But his unique relationship with the Grizzly bears comes from his strong bond with his best friend, Brutus, an 800-pound bear. Since the big animal was just a month-old cub, the two have known each other for a long time.

Back then, Casey found the helpless animal alone in the mountains of Alaska. The little bear's mother likely died because hunters took her away. Casey, who has always cared for animals, took the cub without thinking twice. Lucky for both of them, what was supposed to be a short-term relationship (until Brutus was ready to go back into the wild), turned into a friendship they can't live without.

Casey told Oprah, "This is more than just taking care of Brutus." "They're animals with a lot of feelings. When he was a baby fed him from a bottle and looked into his eyes. A tear came out of his eye. I just figured that he was straining while drinking from the bottle. Brutus had a bit of a stomachache a few years after that. He had the same tear in each eye. At that time, I realized that grizzly bears can feel the same things we do."

When Casey was having a hard time, Brutus helped him, just like a best friend would. "I was having trouble and was very upset about some things... Casey said, "I was crying." "I tell he wanted to make me feel better. He came up to me and gave me a gentle push. He just stood by me and listened; when I was crying, he was there. I needed him to do that. Both sides give and take in this relationship."

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