A photographer captured some photos of a shy-at-first baby Meerkat, which quickly went viral online.

When Japanese photographer mamekoro51 went to Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo, he saw a cute meerkat family with new babies. One of the babies was a little shy in front of the camera.

The shy baby meerkat cautiously peeped out from behind a wall and slowly looked at the camera repeatedly. At first, the baby looked scared, but it soon came out from where it was hiding to say hello, and people couldn't get enough of how cute it was.

The Meerkat, a suricate, is a small carnivore in the same family as the mongoose. They live in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, the Namibian Desert, southwestern Angola, and South Africa.

If you're having a bad day, you can cheer up by looking at the pictures of a baby meerkat and its family below. These cute and cute pictures will make your day ten times better. Just go down to have fun!

Images Credit - mamekoro51

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