The Dodo's nearest living relative is the colourful Nicobar Pigeon.

The dodo bird is a species that was in danger of dying out. But the Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative to them, keeps them alive in this world. Even though this colourful bird is related to the dodo bird, the two look very different. Some things that make the dodo bird stand out are its dull grayish feathers, big, round beak, and fat body.

The Nicobar pigeons, on the other hand, have bright feathers, a thin, pointed beak, and a small body. People think these pigeons living on the ground are one of the most beautiful types of birds. They live on islands and have a dark grey body with iridescent blue-green and copper-bronze parts on the top.

The whitetail is a sharp contrast to its brightly coloured feathers. Their shiny neck hackles make them even more beautiful. The Nicobar pigeon lives on the small islands of Nicobar, part of India. Because there aren't many natural predators on the islands, the birds have bright colours.

Since they don't need to blend in with their surroundings to hide from predators, they can grow bright feathers that look different from other pigeons and dove species. Their looks will take your breath away. The Nicobar pigeon and the dodo bird are both birds that live on islands. Another thing they have in common is that they both tend to go extinct.

The Nicobar pigeon is on the list of almost extinct species. Their population is in danger of dying out because their habitat is being destroyed, they are being hunted, and predators like cats and rats are being brought to their breeding islands. We still have time to do what we must to protect the Nicobar pigeon and ensure this species stays around. After all, we can't let them die out as the dodo bird did, can we?

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