The vets are surprised when a small terrier gives birth to many puppies.

A small terrier with a big belly was waiting for help in an overcrowded shelter in rural Kentucky. Too many dogs were at the shelter, but something had to be done.


Vets from the Kentucky Humane Society heard about the mother's trouble and ran to help her. They arrived just in time, and the big litter was all set to come. A team of vets looked at the dog, now called Momma Malone, and decided it looked like the puppy needed to be born through a C-section.

Dr Emily Bewley was happy and worried when she gave birth to the puppies. They were so glad that the dog mom went to the Kentucky Humane Society to have her puppies there, where they would be safe.


Momma Malone stayed at Dr Bewley's house for the last few days of her pregnancy. She knew the puppies were coming and ensured everyone at the vet was ready to help safely deliver them.

On the way to the shelter, her son sat in the back seat with her to make her feel better. The vet team was getting ready in the meantime because they knew many puppies would be coming soon. As soon as they got to the shelter, the surgery only took 20 minutes.

Most of the time, small dogs have between two and five puppies. Momma Malone, on the other hand, had nine puppies. The vets were worried that Momma Malone might be unable to bond with her puppies, but there was no problem in the end. She loved her group of babies. Everyone is in good hands with her.


She and her puppy will stay at the shelter until March. After that, they'll be ready to look for a place to live for good.

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