Meet the Elf Owl, the world's smallest owl.

Today, we have a picture of a cute little owl looking out of a hole in a sycamore tree. The elf owl is a one-of-a-kind bird found on a dry river bottom in West Texas. At night, it peeps outside. People think the elf owl is the minor type of owl in the world.

This bird is shorter than six inches and weighs less than an ounce and a half. So, in a way, this owl is like a small golf ball. The elf owl seems to be a cold-blooded hunter. When night comes, this bird comes out of its hole to hunt for food like crickets, beetles, spiders, lizards, and even mice.

Image Credit - Jordcrouch

Image Credit - Joshvireo

These ruthless hunters aren't scared to prey on evil things like scorpions. After the stingers are removed, the scorpions are stored in the nest and eaten whenever they choose. You might become an elf owl if you visit the forests and desert cactus settings of Southwest Texas and Southern Arizona. In arid areas, these birds usually live in woodpecker holes formed in the saguaro cactus.

Image Credit - Tozer92

Image Credit - Nathan Smith

Even though elf owls appear pretty quiet, they are unquestionably lethal. When the air flows across the elf owl's wings, it makes a rushing sound. During the spring, the female of the species produces 1-4 eggs, which hatch in three weeks. Initially, the father elf owl goes for food foraging for the mother and chicks, but after a while, the mother bird also joins the food hunting procedure.

Image Credit - Bettina Arrigoni 

Image Credit - Dominic Sherony

When predators such as great-horned owls threaten, these birds flee rather than fight. They will even pretend to be dead to evade predators.

In October, elf owls leave the United States and go to Mexico because it is warmer and there are many insects there. When spring comes to the southwest United States, these cute little owls return to the nest.

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