10+ Adorable Cats who don't need DNA tests to show that they are parents and children

Did you know? Different male cats can make a cat pregnant, so kittens from the same litter can have more than one sire. Because of this, you never know what a kitten will look like, and you can also expect big surprises, like black kittens from a white cat or white kittens from a black cat.

In a home, however, it is much more likely that all puppies come from the same father unless the cat can go outside whenever it wants. Sometimes the similarity is so clear that there's no doubt about it. Here are a bunch of kittens who look just like their parents.

1. Same colors, same expression.

2. A father and a son: even if their hair isn't the same color, their love makes it clear that they are related.

3. Have you seen anything? Under the neck is the same thick black band, with darker lines with less thickness.

4. Both the mom and the puppy have thin noses.

5. The white "beard" is passed down from one generation to the next.

6. This baby kitten has the same spot on her nose as her mother.

7. What do these two have in common? Definitely in terms of sweetness

8. The peas on the baby's back are spread out in a way that looks a lot like those on the mother.

9. It's hard to say they aren't mother and son because they both have the same style.

10. A small white dot on the nose to show the bond between the mother and son.

11. The kitten doesn't know how to pout yet, but she's getting close to looking like her mother.

12. The mother and her babies all have ears that are a different color than the rest of their bodies.

13. They look so much alike. How do their owners tell them apart?

14. With his rough look, this kitten has much to learn from his father.

15. Dad teaches his child to look innocent after doing something stupid.

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